Monday, July 19, 2010

Copper, the man's eternal metal.

Copper has a very wide variety of uses. It is literally everywhere. It is present in electrical wiring, cars, computers, etc. In addition to that, copper is used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. One of the biggest and most famous examples of copper is the Statue of Liberty, it contains about 180,000 pounds of copper. The metal origins contradict with its wide technological use. The name copper comes from the Latin word cyprium, Island of Cyprus. The Island is the sacred Island of Aphrodite,  the goddess of love. The metal was named after the island in Roman times because a lot of it was mined on Cyprus. Before that it was known as chalkos. In alchemy the symbol of copper is the symbol of Venus.

Brass is made when Zinc is alloyed with Copper.
Copper jewelry by catchalljewelry

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